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Edison Chouest Offshore

Founded in 1960 as Edison Chouest Boat Rental in Galliano, Louisana, the Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) family of companies are the leading providers of the most diverse and dynamic transportation solutions in the world.  ECO operates a growing fleet of nearly 300 vessels and serves an ever-expanding global customer base.

Being at the forefront of new technologies is a key part of the Chouest business plan as seen in the recent advances within subsea support, integrated bridge systems and global communications.

The ability to design, build, own and operate such diverse, high-capacity and technologically superior vessels has made ECO an unrivalled leader in the maritime industry.

Vessels Operations Team

Operations is responsible for the day-to-day running of the vessels in the ECO fleet.  The vessel crew, their supervisors, coordinators and many others are under the operations umbrella. These teams are responsible for operating the vessels and carrying out the jobs each vessel is contracted to do. Operations — primarily the crew — are also tasked with routine maintenance of the vessel and its equipment.

MPL work closely with Operations to minimise downtime and keep the fleet running.  We do this by ensuring that the spare parts and consumables are on hand as required and by providing technical support on all equipment on board.


ECO shipyards are state-of-the-art production facilities, driven by the latest in computer modelling technology.  Vessel hull designs are developed and optimised in-house using 3D modelling and computational fluid dynamics.  This ensures ECO vessel designs offer the highest efficiency and stability possible.

Extensive CAD modelling and 3D rendering capabilities allow the layout of entire vessels to be viewed digitally in three dimensions.  Equipment placement, accommodation layouts, piping, cabling and cargo handling can be arranged in the vessel, long before the first steel is cut.  This allows vessel interiors to be optimised, to make the most effective use of the available space.

Vessel Maintenance Team

Maintenance perform the major overhauls and scheduled maintenance on the vessels and their equipment.  Work on the fleet is carried out while the ships are in drydock. They complete the maintenance tasks that would be impossible to do while the vessel is in the water and operating, i.e. propulsion overhauls and repairs, cleaning and painting the hull and servicing major equipment, etc.

MPL work with maintenance to ensure that all the required parts and service personnel are ready when the ship comes into dock.  Every day the vessel is in dock is a day that it's not earning.  Combine this with the huge expense of dry docking, and it becomes clear why effective preparation and support is so critical.

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