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Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels

The muscle of the Chouest fleet is provided by ECO's powerful anchor handling towing supply vessels. The most versatile workboats in the world, these vessels are capable of towing, mooring and supplying massive deep-water rigs.

Platform Supply Vessels

The workhorses of the ECO fleet are the trademark platform supply vessels offering vast above and below deck cargo capacities. ECO's new generation diesel-electric offshore support vessels offer superior fuel efficiency, increased control and lower maintenance costs.


ECO's nimble true tractor and azimuth stern drive tugs are capable of three hundred and sixty-degree manoeuvrability, providing escort and berthing assistance to the largest of vessels. Chouest tugs are under long-term charter to the U.S. Navy, serve LNG export terminals throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and provide docking, towing and oil response services to Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in Alaska's Prince William Sound.

Offshore Construction Vessels

Offshore Construction Vessels are some of the largest and most specialised vessels in the ECO fleet, equipped with large offshore cranes and other specialist load handling equipment.

These vessels are used for deep sea, subsea or offshore construction projects and can lower components/assemblies thousands of meters below the ocean surface.

They are often equipped with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), diver support systems and other modules required to support offshore construction.

River Cruise Vessel

Viking Mississippi is a Jones Act compliant vessel delivered to Viking River Cruises in Summer 2022. The state of the art vessel is 450 feet long and 75 feet wide with 193 staterooms and maximises energy efficiency using a diesel-electric propulsion system. Eight CAT diesel engines power water cooled generators and six bladed thrusters from Voith provides propulsion power.

The Viking Mississippi will sail itineraries on the upper and lower Mississippi River between St. Paul, Minnesota and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Offshore Service Vessel

ECO Edison is the first ever US built offshore service vessel. Equipped with a walk to work gangway, it will support technicians servicing offshore wind turbines around the Northeast USA.

Ice Class Vessels

Specialized Chouest ice class vessels are deployed around the world, each providing a highly specific service, such as seismic exploration, subsea support, petroleum discharge, response and recovery and scientific research.

Fast Supply Vessels

Capable of speeds nearing 30 knots, ECO's fast supply boats deliver crew and cargo quickly and safely around the clock to keep jobs on schedule. The fast vessel fleet is a vital component of Chouest's deepwater operations.

Well Stimulation Vessel

ECOs well stimulation vessels carry specialised equipment and various materials to conduct well intervention operations, such as formation cleaning, hydraulic fracturing and gas lifting.

These operations maximise the recovery of oil and gas from a reservoir, increasing the recovery factor and maximising return on the investment made during exploration and drilling.

Oil Spill Response Vessels

ECO has created a seamless response and recovery model incorporating specially equipped vessels, highly trained personnel and superior oil collection technologies. ECO recognizes the importance of having a solid contingency plan in place to respond immediately to unexpected emergencies.

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